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Programs and resources for community water suppliers in British Columbia.

Do you manage a community water supply system in BC? Whatever the size or type of your water system, this is the first place to look for a wide range of resources to help you to operate effectively. WaterBC.ca is a service provided by the Sustainable Infrastructure Society (SIS), a non profit society based on the campus of the University of Victoria. About SIS

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Programs for Water Suppliers:

We deliver a growing range of programs for water suppliers in cooperation with Industry Partners, and which can be accessed by clicking on the tabs at the top of this page. Programs are outlined below:

Affordable Insurance Coverage: All water supply systems require insurance coverage. In conjunction with qualified brokers we provide access to affordable insurance coverage for General Liability, Property, Directors & Officers, and Boiler & Machinery.
Directories of Services, Products & Technology: All water systems need to upgrade components like from time to time, and occasionally need specialist assistance. Our directories help you to quickly find the resources you need: everything from pumps and reservoirs to engineering and accounting services.
Management Support: Effective management of a water system requires a range of skills & resources, and knowledge of the regulatory context. We provide tools and services to help you to provide safe, secure & sustainable water supplies. Examples are tools for asset management and rate setting and a range of planning resources.
Monitoring Services: Most water supply systems need to monitor important parameters, for example, flow rates and certain water quality indicators. We provide networked monitoring services that help to ensure your system is operating properly. They are affordable to use and simple to operate.
Other Resources & News: You will discover convenient links to other sites concerned with water & water supply. And we will soon provide a summary of news & events of especial interest to water suppliers and users in British Columbia.

If you are new to water supply in BC you may find this page useful: Water Supply in British Columbia.